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The Best Among South
St. Louis County Bakeries

5159 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis MO 63129

Tuesday - Saturday: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Welcome to Bake You Happy! We're glad you're here! We'd like to tell you a little about why we believe we have one of the best little bakeries in the entire South St. Louis County area. We are a small, family owned and operated bakery and we LOVE baking! Our motto has always been "We just want everyone to be happy!" Thus our name, "Bake You Happy". An opportunity arose to open a bakery in South St. Louis County on Lemay Ferry Rd at Butler Hill Rd. Now we are able to share baked goodies with everyone all over South County and Northern Jefferson County. What could be better?

Baked Fresh Daily With Fresh Ingredients

At Bake You Happy we bake in limited quantities each day to insure a fresh product for our customers, so sometimes we may be out of your favorite item. Unlike some big St. Louis bakeries we strive to use the freshest and best ingredients available to us. For example we use a freshly made vanilla, pure cane sugar, fresh milk glaze on most of our breakfast items. We use freshly ground graham crackers, fresh butter, pure cane sugar, fresh eggs, cream cheese and sour cream in our cheesecake. Our frosting for most of our cupcakes is a homemade vanilla butter cream. Big St. Louis bakeries are all about big profits but we try to keep our prices reasonable while using the best ingredients so everyone can enjoy what we bake. We hope to be your favorite bakery in the South St. Louis County area for a long time.

We Have A Large Variety Of Bakery Items Including Special Order Vegan Cupcakes & Cookies. See Our Full Menu Including Photos Here.

Raspberry Delight Cupcake with raspberry jam and fresh raspberries, our homemade vanilla butter cream, a drizzle of raspberry syrup and topped with a fresh raspberry.
Orange Blossom Cupcake with freshly zested orange, orange juice, our special vanilla butter frosting, topped with orange zest glaze.
Sweet Lemonade Cupcake with freshly grated lemon zest, lemon juice, and our homemade lemon cream topping
Salty Caramel Cupcake with Dutch processed cocoa , homemade caramel butter cream, a drizzle of caramel and a special pink Himalayan salt on top.
Triple Chocolate Cupcake with Dutch processed cocoa, our chocolate ganache, a little bit of creamy chocolate frosting, and a sweet topper.
Turtle Cupcake with Dutch processed cocoa, our special ganache, luscious cream cheese frosting, a drizzle of caramel, with pecans on top.
Blueberry Patch Cupcake with plump juicy blueberries, our special vanilla butter frosting a blueberry glaze, and a fresh blueberry on top.
White Wedding Cake Cupcake with white chocolate ganache, a bit of our homemade vanilla butter cream, topped with a decorative topper.
Tie-dye Cupcake is our vanilla white cake batter with added fun colors, then we add our fun colorful homemade vanilla butter cream on top.
Chocolate Covered Banana Cupcake is banana cake batter, our decadent ganache, a dollop of delicious cream cheese frosting, and mini chocolate chips.
Vegan Cupcakes Chocolate and Vanilla Vegan cupcakes are available by special order. Call for more Information.

DANISHES: Cherry, cheese, apple, peach, and raspberry danishes.

TURNOVERS: Apple, cherry, and peach turnovers

CINNAMON ROLLS: Buttery, pecan covered pecan cinnamon rolls, and cream cheese iced cinnamon rolls.

MONKEY BREAD: Individual monkey bread made with a brown sugar, real butter, and a cinnamon mixture, sure to bring back childhood memories.

SCONES: Blueberry and raspberry, white chocolate scones with a luscious lemon glaze.

BROWNIES: We make our South County brownies like no others, individually baked off in muffin pans. The Brookster is a delicious chewy brownie baked with a scoop of our homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in the center. Available with pecans or walnuts. We also bake a turtle brownie with a dollop of rich thick caramel on top.

ST. LOUIS GOOEY BUTTER CAKE: It comes in different sizes, 8x8" for a few people, or our 4x4" for the individual. Made with the freshest eggs, butter and cream cheese. You will remember why you loved gooey butter cake as a child. It's a St. Louis favorite that melts in your mouth.

MUFFINS: Orange with a fresh orange zest glaze, Crumb topped blueberry with big juicy blueberries, and Chocolate chip.

CHOCOLATE PILLOWS: We make a pillow that will not put you to sleep, but will make you close your eyes in bliss. Made with our light and fluffy pastry dough, filled with semi-sweet chocolate and our freshly made semi-sweet ganache. You have to try these.

PIES: We make delicious pies in 2 different sizes. A personal 4" for when you only need a piece for you, or a little something for a friend. We also make full size 9" pies on an order basis at this time. Apple, cherry, pecan, peach, coconut, etc. Unlike some bakeries with fixed menus, if you name it, we will make it.

CHEESECAKES: Some bakeries try to mass produce their cheesecakes and it shows. We use a tried and true South St. Louis hometown recipe for our lemon cheesecake. Ours are made with freshly ground graham crackers, pure cane sugar, lemon zest, and fresh eggs, butter, cream cheese, and sour cream. It is a light, delicious dessert or snack. If you like something different, we make a dense, deep, dark, delicious, chocolate cheesecake too. Our bakery offers cheesecakes in 2 sizes, 4", usually available daily, or 8" per order. We will add any available toppings, just ask.

CAKES: We make special cakes for special occasions! We use the freshest ingredients in all of our cakes. Fresh eggs, butter, vanilla, etc. We can do any flavor of cake batter and make any combination of cake and frosting. Just call with your ideas, or try some of our favorites like chocolate mousse, chocolate raspberry, lemon, spice, carrot, white, German chocolate, yellow, or strawberry. We make our cakes in various sizes. We make a 6", 8", 9" round. These cakes can be made in a two layer or three layer. We can do a 1/4 sheet cake, 1/2 sheet cake and a full sheet cake. We also make a double layer 1/4 and 1/2 sheet cake.

DECORATIONS: We make many different types of decorations with chocolate or fresh fruit ingredients. We mold a Nestlé brand of chocolate into many delectable unique personalized shapes, colors, and we can also put pictures on a small oval disk of chocolate to make the occasion a little more special.

COOKIES: If you like coconut macaroons, ours are Yummy! That is the reaction we get when people try them. We try to make them daily, and usually have samples of them to try. "Until they run out!" Other cookies available from our bakery are Chocolate chip, Vegan Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Sugar, and decorated butter cookies. From time to time, we bake up something special like raspberry, orange marmalade, triple berry, or hello dolly bars. You never know what we might decide to do on any given day.

Your South St. Louis &
Jefferson County Bakery

If you live in South St. Louis County, Northern Jefferson County, Mehlville, Oakville, Concord Village, Sappington, Affton, Arnold, Imperial, or Barnhart, you are just a short drive away from our bakeries front door. If you prefer we can deliver your bakery order for a small fee. The fee is based on your zipcode. Call us for specific prices.

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Special Bakery Orders For St. Louis Area Customers.

Please call about trays and special orders,including Vegan cupcakes and cookies. We serve a variety of fresh baked goods daily, and love to get special orders from around the St. Louis and Jefferson County area. We can provide delicious bakery items for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Business Breakfasts, Promotions, Retirement, Corporate Lunches or Special meetings. Please give us a day or two notice so we can Bake You Happy for any event you may have. From individual cakes or pies to sheet cakes or dozens of cupcakes, trays of cake truffles to trays of breakfast pastries, we would love to help you with your special event.

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